Dining in Paradise

Fine dining often leads to finer spilling. When your gastronomical delight takes a detour, it won’t upset your stomach if you’ve prepared with Perennials. Clean up is a breeze, and you can even use bleach.

Fine Dining

The perfect place-setting includes diligent design, savvy style, and Perennials performance fabrics. Villa del Sol gives you a taste of vibrant patterns and colors that will certainly delight.

Featured Items

Room Service and Casual Dining

Take breakfast in bed, to the chaise or wherever you choose to dine. Perennials stain-resistant fabrics and rugs stand up to adventurous taste buds without sacrificing great design. Sip confidently knowing most spills and stains will literally roll off the fabrics thanks to our nifty Perennials NanoSeal finish. 

Featured Items

Fabric & Rug Care at its Finest

Our fabrics and rugs offer high-performance style and luxury, enhancing living spaces both indoors and out.

Resistant to stains and mildew

Resistant to fading and UV damage


Perfect for use indoors or out

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